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Movin' On Up

I don't have much to write. I actually have a lot to write. But I wanted to do an update on my theatre life.

I'm sure you've noticed that it's been a minute since I've last written. Well over a year. A lot has happened.


I moved to Houston TX in February 2016.

I joined Comedy Sportz Houston soon after. I have gotten to see them grow and thrive over the last year.

I joined the Murder Mystery Company troupe and sometimes do murder mystery dinner events.

I did a show at The Rec Room called Dead Rockstar Sing-Along Club. It was great. Apparently it will be an annual event featuring recently deceased rockstars. I met some wonderful people. I am excited to be involved with them more often.

I directed a short play at The Landing Theatre Company for their Redemption Series called Gym Class Heroes. Powerful, challenging, and fun.

I did a reading for The Landing Theatre Company for their New Plays Series called Blight.

I work at a very well respected theatre called The Alley. I work in the Education and Community Engagement Department as the Community Programs Coordinator. I am learning that I like theatre education more than I thought. Unfortunately, it doesn't leave me as much time for performance as my previous jobs did. I like doing.

I got cool new headshots.

I got a pair of cowboy boots.

I miss doing musicals.

I miss my Tribe.

I am learning and growing and stretching.

Trials make me better and smarter.

I love learning new things about myself, my world, my life, the world, life, people, ideas, and creativity.

I'm still figuring it out.

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