"This past month's performance had a heady surrealism about it thanks in part to a message of tolerance being pursued in a plot by improvisers Mara and Robby McGhee...T.I.M.... always manages to maintain a feel of the unexpected. The same cannot be said of most trips to the theater."
T.I.M. (The Improvised Musical)
[Shepherd Express]

Below you will see 3 seperate performances.

The first video is a solo improvised cabaret piece.

The second is a 20 minute improvised musical.

The third is a new scripted musical.


TIM (The Improvised Musical)


Year of production: 9/29/14

Running Time: 4:07



TIM's Cocktails and Cabaret performance
An evening of completely improvised songs based off a suggestion from the audience. Nothing is pre-planned - not even the music! Featuring our live TIMBand and backup by the TIMPlayers.


Mara: Tell me something that makes you happy!

Audience member: Sex!






Sixth Annual New York Musical Improv Festival

Revolution: Take 2!: The Musical

Parts 1 and 2

Total Run Time: Approximately 25 minutes

Smithereen Productions 

April 23-25 2015



The whole thing is good, but if you're looking for my big moment, please check out 32:30 - 38:35

Little Shop of Horrors 

Promotional Videos

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