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2014 - The Year of Revolution

This year I found myself feeling moved by the productions I have been in. It started with HAIR, back in the late spring. Going through that rehearsal process with my Tribe changed and affected me in a good way. I find myself on the cusp being inspired again. Freedom High, an original script written by Adam Kraar, will be produced by Uprooted Theatre in Milwaukee WI. We will have the opportunity to perform this for UW Whitewater on November 17th, and then in Milwaukee WI on November 18th. There is even talk of having this show go on tour in February.

We had our first table reading last night. I love being able to sit down and discuss the text after a reading. That's something that I haven't really done with musicals. Yes, we sit and sing through the script, but there's rarely any discussion on the characters, the theme, the mood, and what we immediately take from the script. Last night's read through was all of that.

Freedom High tells the story of the 1964 Freedom Summer through the eyes of a young, white girl who has every intention of helping out the cause. While the story isn't an historical account of what happened, it does reflect a story that could have happened.

I think about what people my age were doing back in the 60's. Granted, not everyone was heavily involved in the civil rights movement or the anti-war movement. But there were quite a few people my age and younger who had the courage and the drive to risk their lives to fight for what they thought was right.

Can you imagine? Knowing that you are marching into battle, and this could be your last day on earth? That not only could you die, but in a brutal, painful way? Knowing that you could get beat over and over until you are unrecognizable? Knowing that it's the lucky ones who end up dying, and the unlucky ones who live with constant pain and suffering? Knowing that if you look at someone wrong, they will bomb your home, killing you, your family, and any other innocent bystanders? How bad does it have to get before you are willing to risk your life for the greater good?

I'd like to think I have that courage. But do I? Do you?

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