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Musical Theatre Performance

2010 - present

2010 - present

Tamarie Cooper Holiday Supershow

Tamarie Cooper 2020

Call Me Ann: A Rock Opera

Speeding Motorcycle

Dead Rockstar Singalong Club

The Wedding Singer

Close to Home: A Musical X File

Bare: A Pop Opera

Legally Blonde


Charlie’s Chocolate Cabaret

Waiting…A Song Cycle

[title of show]

Little Shop of Horrors




Ensemble | Tam Band

Ensemble | Tam Band


Ensemble [Angel, Nurse]

Grieving Woman

Tina Turner/Ensemble

Linda Taylor

Sister Chantelle


Tribe [Abraham Lincoln]

Willy Wonka





Kit Kat Dancer [Texas]

June [Squish]

The Catastrophic Theatre

The Catastrophic Theatre

The Call Me Ann Collective

The Catastrophic Theatre

The Rec Room

Greendale Theatre

Smithereen Production

Soulstice Theatre

Greendale Theatre

Skylight Music Theatre

Rockabilly Girl Productions

The World's Stage Theatre

Theatrical Tendencies

Carte Blanche Studios

Sheboygan TYA

Carte Blanche Studios

Soulstice Theatre

Acting Performance

Tooth & Tail

Teen Dad

My True Selves


[end of message]

Incredible Darling



The Comedy of Hamlet...kinda sorta

The Show Will March On | S22.15

Suddenly Last Summer

The Colored Museum

Freedom High

Destiny, Deviltry and Dentistry

Crisis on Infinite Hearts | S22.13

Thanks! | S22.12

Hair, Nails, and Dress

A Streetcar Named Desire

Much Ado About Nothing

The Book Club Play

The Laramie Project

Bridgework 2008 Touring Season

Snotbite | Queen Stone

Mom | Andrea

Stage Directions

Actor 1

Actor 3

Sam | Stage Directions

Millie McCoy

Fanny Atwood

Ida Cox | Ensemble 



Mrs. Holly

Aunt Ethel | LaWanda

Fannie Lou Hamer

Various Roles

Gypsy Queen


Pamela [Pooh]




Female Ensemble

Various Roles

Mildred's Umbrella Theatre

The Landing Theatre

Stages Repertory Theatre

Alley Theatre | Unga Klara

The Catastrophic Theatre

Alley Theatre

Fade 2 Black Play Festival

The Landing Theatre Co

Theatre LILA

Schmitz n Giggles

Schmitz n Giggles

Uprooted Theatre

Lights! Camera! Soul!

Uprooted Theatre

The Alchemist Theatre

Schmitz n Giggles

Schmitz n Giggles

Uprooted Theatre

Carte Blanche Studios

Carte Blanche Studios

Soulstice Theatre

Soulstice Theatre

Bridgework Theatre

Improvisation - Troupes & Groups

ComedySportz Houston

Murder Mystery Company - Houston

ComedySportz Milwaukee

T.I.M. (The Improvised Musical) 

Sunday Funnies

Drake Improv Comedy Experiment Yo!

Buffoonery Project: 2013   


Various Roles


Main Stage and Touring Player

Various Roles/Player

Touring Troupe Member


CSz Houston

Murder Mystery Company

CSz Milwaukee

Smithereen Productions

The Old Creamery Theatre

Drake University

Greendale Theatre


Agathe by Angela J. Davis

Once On This Island

Gym Class Heroes By Dillon Rouse

Little Shop of Horrors

Retro Comedy Night: Did The Earth Move For You?

A History of Messy Rooms By Wade Bradford

It’s A Wonderful Life…Except You’re Dead  

A Behanding in Spokane by Martin McDonaugh

Desire is Death arr. By Michael Rothmayer 

Camp Chi-cago By Mara McGhee                                                                        

The Landing Theatre

Spotlight Acting Academy

The Landing Theatre

All In Productions

Milwaukee Comedy

UACB Fame Program

Sketch 22 #11

The World's Stage Theatre Co

The World's Stage Theatre Co

Camp Chi 2010, JCC


Once On This Island 

Camp Chi-Cago by Mara McGhee

Ease On by Mara McGhee

Spotlight Acting Academy

Camp Chi 2010 Season

UACB Fame Program

Teaching Artist

TEA Certified Educator - Theatre EC-12

Changing lives, 600 students at a time. 

Improvisation and Theatre Game Workshops - Alley Theatre

Age appropriate theatre and improvisational games for kids in grades K-12. Each workshop is curated to teach habits catered specifically to a group's age and needs.

First Draft - Alley Theatre

A writing program that helps students in grades 9-12 and adults how to write their personal narrative. The program helped future first-generation college students write their college essays.

Staging STEM - Alley Theatre

Teaching STEM concepts using theatrical skills for kids in grades K-5. A 2-week in-class program that utilizes arts integration while teaching them academic concepts that go along with Texas Education Knowledge and Skills standards.

Alley Play Makers

Acting, movement, improvisation skills for kids in grades K-8. These camp is about learning skills that will help them in school and in life. The 1- or 2-week camp ends in a celebration of learning that shows off the process through a devised piece created by the students.

UACB FAME After School Program

Teaching theatre games and introductory acting skills to kids in grades K-5. The after school program

culminated in a performance that was age appropriate for first-time theatre exposure.

Camp Chi Fine Arts Supervisor

Teaching theatre games and introductory acting skills to kids in grades K-12. Classes consisted of comedy, musical, improvisation, and culminated in a performance written for the camp experience.


*Tamarie Cooper Holiday Supershow

*Tamarie Cooper 2020

Speeding Motorcycle

Swingtime Canteen

Once Upon A Mattress

Dames At Sea 







The Catastrophic Theatre

The Catastrophic Theatre

The Catastrophic Theatre

Old Creamery Theatre

VHY Theatre

VHY Theatre

Video & Radio

Wisconsin Cheese Rap

Mr. Lee's Super-Fabulous Emporium

A Radio Christmas Carol


So Dramatic    



Mrs. Cratchit


Katelyn Reeves

Lady Minerva Productions

Azyha Fine Arts

Christian Kocinki

48 Hour Film Festival MKE 2012

So Dramatic Webseries

Important Experience

BFA: Acting Performance - Drake University

MS: Nonprofit Management & Leadership - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee



Woodwinds: Flutes, Saxophones, Clarinet, Oboe 


Reads Music

Dance Training Styles

Tap, Jazz, Modern

Stage Production & Operation
Costume Design | Construction | Coordinator

Props Coordinator  

Set Construction  

Stage Management

Light Board Operator

Sound Board Operator

Creative Contributions

Sketch Writer | Original Music (Vocals, Sax, Flute)

More Skills

Event MC | Karaoke DJ | Scarf Juggling | Puppeteer